~ 032 Tres Beau’s Zhivago 2 times

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Sometimes there are those kind of skirts that for some reason are like instant favorites.
Tres Beau’s Zhivago is one of those to me. Zhivago itself, is a prêt à porter design. A grey blue jacket combined with a wider skirt, insprired after those russian winters where you can hide in your layers to defy the cold. With the huge 50% discount going on at Tres Beau, its very intresting to overlook every design once more to fatten your inventory.

Tres Beau Dana/Zhivago

Here Zhivago is combined with a white brocade vest and all the jacket primparts of DANA.
I added the primskirt of DANA to the Zhivago skirt, edited it to a dark red color to match the jacket.
As you can see, Zhivago and Dana mix well together to get a full new complete design.
Since Pegasus is able to fly, I added HEARTOLOGY wings by Finesmith.

Then for the brides amongst us, who are not afraid to do something modern, you can use Zhivago as added skirt part….

Tres Beau Zhivago/Charlotte

The upper part, the jacket, comes from the wedding gown CHARLOTTE. Charlotte has a poofy sleeved jacket. White obviously, however with a very soft shade of beige/pink to make the flowered pattern subtile, parts of the fabric is textured with soft shimmering lace, of which the collar is made too. Next to the puffyness the eyecatcher on this jacket are the diamond buttons in the form of bows. It seems alot, but its all really subtile.
Underneath Zhivago, are skirt parts of MONIQUE, another wedding gown. Just like Zhivago, some parts are edited to make it wearable, so if you want to combine, do not forget to make a copy first. The veil or blusher if you will comes from ETERNITY. Eternity too is a wedding gown.

After this all I can say is, check out Tres Beau NOW, for the 50 procent discount on ALL ITEMS goes till monday 30th of January after that, the store will be closed for rebuilding.

L’Amour ét L’Umière,
La Mamma Monster

Tres Beau, All clothing used comes from Tres Beau.

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