FAQ U Maya Sharpshire (wk4)

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

This week I had the opportunity to ask Maya my questions.
It was something else for sure. Like did you know that besides she is owner of the whole INworldInc imperium,
she too has a thing for thongs???
Let us find out more about that..

1: Vitamen’s Question: “Maya, What kind of vitamins do you take to keep your energy going?”
Maya: “I take every day a fresh Vitamen Thong, BUT without the prims, I cannot swallow those”

2:Describe yourself using 5 words.
Maya: “Smart, Thongswallower, Smart, Smart, Smart”

3. What do you think a “Semolina Maze” is?
Maya: ..while asking her husband “I have no idea!”

4. What was the best day in your life so far?
Maya: “When I met Sheldon Krenfel”

5. If you were invisible for one day what would you do?
Maya: “Eat more thongs, so no one can see how fat I will be”

6. What is the best invention since the wheel?
Maya: “Internet for sure”

7. What is your most ridiculous bought item EVER?
Maya: “Animals and such like an elephant”

8. What does your last text message say?
Maya: “Congratualtions, your Fren Blackberry Simple Day 1 is ready”

9. Where do you not wish to be found? As in not even dead?
Maya: “At the redlight district in Amsterdam”

10. What means the TUV button on the remote control?
Maya: “Thong Ur Vitamen?”

11. Who of the famous do you want us to interview next week and what should we ask him or her?
Maya: “Matteo Bettencourt, Ask him if he wears lashes and why he always is so quiet”

To find Maya or InWolrd Inc, you can click this link, she will most likely be having a thong or two right there.
And to find out if Matteo wears eyelashes… we hope to catch you next time

L’Amour et L’umière,

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