~ 034 Delirious about Lefevre

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Today I want to show you how 2 different designers that on first sight have nothing to do with eachother can mix extremely well.

Delirious about Lefevre

Angelic Lefevre has alot of laced short sexy dresses, while Delirium has more streetwear designs. Both designs make you feel feminin though.
Here I wear the Silent Touch jeans by Delirium Style. One legpart is rolled up so you can show some of that leg you’ve been hiding all winter. Combined with the Lacely Dress by Angelic Lefevre, this becomes instantly a more soft set. Lacely comes in a few colors, I choose the nude color. The Myelic, are heels in several soft toned colors. With the hud, you are able to accustom them to your preferred color. They too are from Angelic Lefevre.

L’Amour et L’úmière,
La Mamma Monstre.

Angelic Lefevre
Delirium Style

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