FAQ U Matteo Bettencourt (wk5)

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Is there someone who does not know Matteo?
Matteo is CEO and Co Owner of OGlam, works as a succesfull model and recently he also has the task of being Co Owner of Inworld Magazine.
According to Maya, Matteo is always quiet and she wanted me to ask him why.
I did and little did I know that Mr Bettencourt was a non quiet, open person to talk to.
Lets get to his answers on the Faq U…

1: Maya’s Question: ““Matteo Do you wear lashes and why are you always so quiet””
Matteo:”Ok so the first question is :) sometimes , not always since is a pain to edit lashes but when I have to do a style more edgy I do use lashes, about the quiet lol I like to observe everything that happens around me, but the main point, truly is because I’m shy! I feel ashamed of myself speaking in public :)”

2:Describe yourself using 5 words.
Matteo:”stressed, honest, smart, proactive and dorkieeeeeeeee!

3. What do you think a “Semolina Maze” is?
Matteo:”No idea , isn’t a food or so ?”

4. What was the best day in your life so far?
Matteo:”mmm ok now a more serious answer. I don’t have a happy day but happy days … everytime something good happens, no matter what, for me is the best day …. I really like to enjoy life, no matter what happens something huge or small :) I live all with the same intensity.”

5. If you were invisible for one day what would you do?
Matteo:”Oh lol spyyyyyyyyyyyy defenitly, I would love to know what some persons say! …and do! lol.”

6. What is the best invention since the wheel?
Matteo:”Lol I was thinking about that question and at the moment because is a damm cold here … I see as the best invention ever the heater! Without that at the moment I would die frozen.”

7. What is your most ridiculous bought item EVER?
Matteo:”Lol a piggy bank shaped like a donkey … it was expensive and I’m not good saving money but I keep him lol
I think I have that thing 10 years already but it was so damm expensive.”

8. What does your last text message say?
Matteo:”Ok Big Kisses all over you”

9. Where do you not wish to be found? As in not even dead?
Matteo:”Naked on the bathroom! Dead is already bad but dead naked is terrible :P.”

10. What means the TUV button on the remote control?
Matteo:”Isn’t the 8? I think is the 8 button LOl like on the phone .. :)”

11. Who of the famous do you want us to interview next week and what should we ask him or her?
Matteo:”Auster Elan! and the question is: If he has ever slept with the shocks I gave him :)”

Well wow. Matteo has revealed the TUV question. See, at OGlam they are smart. Take this landmark to find Matteo at OGlam
Next time hopefully we will find out what happened to the socks Matteo gave to Auster. See you next time monsters:)

L’Amour et L’Umière,

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