~ 036 Back with PIPINS

Ola Ola Mes Petitis Monstres,

After a huge amount of work inworld, I am now back to being able to spend my time on blogging.
And why not start of with a dream of a design?

Reve du Jour by PIPINS.

Reve du Jour by Pipins

Reve du jour is an Avant Garde design by Pipins.
Bold, futuristic yet soft.

It comes with many attachments, which makes it an outstanding daring piece of art to wear for those who wish to be seen.
To start it has a pants and shirt, colorfull patterned with a blue undertone and violet hints.
Then to add there is the skirt piece, legpieces, top, arm flexi’sand a hat.
To top this off, the centerpiece is a corset in either golden, silver, copper or platinum.
This is easy changeable by the touch script, which also allows you to change the gems on this corset.
You can wear it all together of course, and show the tru meaning of Reve du Jour, but its also very easy to mix and match with other designs.
Everything is possible with Reve du Jour.

L’Amour et Lumière,
Le Monstre Mamma

This is your landmark to PIPINS Avant Garde Gowns

Also consider to take part in the monthly Pipins Contest on Flickr:

‘«´¨`°•ON OUR FLICKR.COM PAGE •°`¨´«’

‘«´¨`°• OUR MONTHLY PRIZES: •°`¨´«’
♥ L$2,000 GIFT CARD ♥
♥ L$1,000 GIFT CARD ♥
♥ L$500 GIFT CARD ♥


Utopia Fantasy SHow - Opium Evolution 5


A WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN BY 3 judges at the end of the month.
No need for votes!!
We just want gorgeous pics representing our fabulous clothing and for you to have fun with it!

TO BE UPDATED ON THE WINNERS, ETC… PLEASE JOIN THE PIPINS GROUP IN WORLD (use search or store join group posters in the mainstore)


1. If you are not a member of http://www.flickr.com yet please join! Its FREE and just takes a minute!
2. Join the Pipins group on FLickR http://www.flickr.com/groups/pipinscontest/
3. Enter a picture of yourself (wearing Pipins clothes ) on our FLickR Group
4. You can enter more than 1 picture as long as they are showing different clothes.
5. At the end of each month, 1 picture will be chosen as winner.
6. Winner will be announced in the Pipins Group.
7. You can enter again every month as long as you provide new pictures.

IF YOU CAN’T ENTER VIA FLICKR, you can send your pictures in world to Angiliak Crystal. She will set them on Flickr for you.


♥ L$2,000 GIFT CARD ♥
♥ L$1,000 GIFT CARD ♥
♥ L$500 GIFT CARD ♥
The winning picture featured in the mainstore!


1. All picture entries are subject to approval by the admin panel when you submitted it to the group
2. Contest is for women only
3. You must ONLY wear Pipins Clothes in the picture. (shoes etc… are can be other designers)
4. Picture has to show Pipins clothes – we will not accept portraits!!!!
5. Clothes worn on the picture must be available in the Mainstore
6. You must credit the model, photographer and name of the clothing.
7. No pornography
8. Pipins management reserves the right to remove any participant at any time from the contest.
9. By entering the contest you give Pipins full rights to use and edit the picture for promotional purposes.

If you have any questions please send a notecard to Angiliak Crystal.
We are looking for some very creative and beautiful images showcasing our designs. Please do not worry if you have basic photographic skills!!!

Thank you and good luck!!!

Angiliak Crystal
Designer of Pipins.

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