~ 037 Naturally Tuesday

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Today I bring you some natural tints.

~ 037 Naturally Tuesday

This is RENE, a mesh sleeveless jumpsuit by Torn.
It comes in more colors to choose from, but this is the tweed tan version.
Combined with the black/silver belt that comes with the blue version of Rene.
With a few add ons in accessories, this all works out as simple neat outfit.

The jewelry comes from Amarelo Manga, a set called DUO.
Duo is made with several diamonds around the centerpiece of the design; a grey/black gemstone and above that a smaller soft pink gemstone.
As usual with Amarelo Manga, you can change the metal to eiter gold or silver.This set consists of Earrings, a Necklace, a bracelet and a ring.
Made out of mesh is this CLUTCH which comes from Finesmith.
The clutch is textured with use of sequins, and frills on the underpart of the bag, where carefully placed pearls, are dangling on it.
ODE TO MISS PEELE. I like hats in general and use them way too less.
This fedora comes from the new collection of Couture Chapeau.
I choose to wear it without a veil, but with a simple click, you can add it.
The inside of the hat and the band can be colorchanged to a blue tone as well.

To add some Emi to this natural look, I could not resist to use the new make up layers by BlackLiquid.
DUSTED DELUXE, is officially for males… however…this champagne colored eyeshadow with dusted sprinkles in graphite, looks good on ANYONE.
Also from BlackLiquid, comes the alpha layer to have natural teeth, while still being able to use any layer of lips you wish IF you wish.
This same alpha layer also makes the default lashes by Second Life disappear, for a more clean look.

~ 037 Naturally Tuesday - close up

L’Amour et Lumière,
Le Monstre Mamma


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