Faq U Auster Elan (nr 6)

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Last time I had the pleasure of having my weekly chat with Matteo, who invited me to have this time my chat with Auster Elan.
The man behind Gizza. Gizza has grown huge amongst the grid and I think EVERYONE knows or at least has heard form this brand.
Auster runs this clothing brand together with his beloved Giz.
So here we go, another Faq U round….

Question from Matteo in the previous Faq U:
Did you ever sleep wih the socks Matteo had given you?

* I did not get an answer in the form of words.. but ACTIONS:

1. Describe yourself using 5 words.
Auster: “funny, enterprise , honest , friendly and an emotional person”

2. What do you think a “Semolina Maze ” is?
Auster: “I dont try it .. but I want to find and try it in short time :))”

3. What was the best day in your life so far?
Auster: “I did have a news in 1999 which was the first news on the main page ..”

4. If you were invisible for one day what would you do?
Auster: “Maybe I would like to teach ‘the real human being’ to all people .. not wear a mask, telling the truth and be intimite”

5. What is the best invention since the wheel?
Auster: “Of course computer , so that I can talk with you no matter the miles between us”

6. What is your most ridiculous bought item EVER?
Auster: “When I was first come sl, I bought a swim-animatio…..while its free everywhere…”

7. What does your last text message say?
Auster: “Beautifull, I’ll be a little late to sl , take care yourself.”

8. Where do you not wish to be found? As in not even dead?
Auster: “my bed”

9. Why are the numbers on a calculator and a phone reversed?
Auster: “mathematical operations can be done faster or maybe possible for fast solving maths problems”

10. Who of the famous do you want us to interview next week and what should we ask him or her?
Auster: “I do not know … maybe an animation may be creator scripter ……
my question is how much time they spend for a new product, it would be … because I think they are doing the most önmeli generation in gaming”

Thank you Auster for taking this time for me and my readers.
Now I need to seek a animation maker… any votes mes petits monstres??
Think about it and let me know while you have a look for Auster at Gizza

L’Amour et Lumière,

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