~ 038 Special Guest: Boots

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

When we hear Spring our first call is usually not boots, yet Dai and me wanted to show off some kicking boots.

~ 038

Dai wears tough looking leather black boots called “L’Emporio Combat boots” The come from L’Emporio di Bru. They also come in female version.
Myself I wear the same sort of style, yet fully closed laced boots by Miel, called “Timber Boots” in Natural.
These boots are color change with menu which makes them quite versitile. In two different colorranges for both Male and Female available.
Both Dai and me wear the Heritage jeans from Vive 9 with our boots, sadly no longer available, reason more to find YOUR fav jeans on the grid.

~ 038

Dai’s jacket comes from Halcali, called the Striped Tweed Jacket, combined with the open collar shirt in white by Giovanni.
On his eyes an eyeliner by Tableau Vivant, Vincent. All in all a clean street look.
Myself I wear a combo by Coldlogic, Cole, a white tube top with black jacket, This item is mesh so be aware of your viewer.
My make up is all from Blackliquid. Isis on my eyes in the color Merlot, which matches perfectly with my lips, Matte, in the color Pinot.

L’Amour et Lumière,
La Monstre Mamman.

Dai Rizooto’s Look:
L’Emporio di Bru
Tableau Vivant

Emlies’s Look:
Blackliquid Make Ups

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