~ 039 Loovus Dzevavor – Grand Opening

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

today is the grand opening of LOOVUS DZEVAVOR.
Haircreations to make you the centre of attention be it while wearing a hair Formal, Casual, Urban, Avant Garde: these attachments promis to have something for everyone.

~ 39

~ 39

D-Bud is an elegant updo, flowers on the right side and a big hairlock in front.
Mesozoic is made out of several layers of hair to create this updo extraoridnaire.
Together these styles make this a complete new look. You will need to do some minor editing but its worth your time.
Both these styles come from the Miss Virtual Spain series.
The fatpacks come in a wide range of colors, Blanc, Noir, Rouge, Ditzie and of course, Godiva.
Try the demo’s to find the perfect color for you. Hairbases are included.

Then when you visited the opening, take a stop at the new edition of the Fan Limited Store, this time with wink to fish.

Poisson (Pwà-son) is the french name for fish and the name of these lashes, inspired by the skin of Les Poissons in the soft blue colors of a bounty island sea.
The smokey smudged base eye make up comes with it. A Fan Limited Item by Blackliquid Make ups.

On top of that, I have used the Life Summer make up and lashes, a nice special add on for every look you wish to create.
These too are from Blackliquid Make Ups.

L’Amour et Lumière,
La Monstre Mamman.


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