~ 051 Hair Fair 2012 – Loovus Dzevavor

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Hair Fair 2012 has kicked of this weekend and I have managed to take a visit to all four sims.
The hairs I would like to highlight today is obviously Loovus Dzevavor.
Not only took the brand its creativity to next level with clothing as well as the most adorable pumps in a huge diversity of prints, it also remained innovative to where it began:
My true love in Second Life shopping: HAIR.

Loovus Dzevavor comes with 5 brand new releases for Hair Fair 2012.

First one is BUZZ, a modern take on two classic hair do’s. The French Twist and the Beehive.

Loovus Dzevavor - Buzz

Then there is CASSIE, a voluminous updo worn by the RL pop singer Cassie!

Loovus Dzevavor - Cassie

CIRQUE, this shows you how the mind of Loovus works in its hair form, a bit of a circus.

Loovus Dzevavor - Cirque

Cornucopia Inspired by The Hunger Games citizens of The Capitol.

Loovus Dzevavor - Cornucopia

And Finally there is Dali, inspired by Salvador Dali and his amazing paintings as well as his eccentric personality.

Loovus Dzevavor - Dali

Also a gift can be picked up, Swing

Loovus Dzevavor - Swing  Hair Fair Gift

All these are new hairstyles come in various coloroptions and all have a hairbase in matching color included.
A percentage of every sold design goes to Wigs For Kids.
When Children lose their hair, they don’t just suffer physically. The change in their appearance can drastically undermine their self-image and sabotage their self-esteem.
To help heal the pain of these struggles, Certified Cosmetic Therapist Jeffrey Paul founded Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit organization that has been serving children suffering from hair loss since 1981. Their mission: Helping Children Look Themselves and Live Their Lives!

L’Amour et lumière,
Le Monstre Mamman.

Loovus Dzevavor at Hair Fair 2012 Water Sim

Hair Fair 2012 Official Website
Wigs for Kids Official Website

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