~ 052 Kiari, Daan & Leona

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

With my memoirs on Anoa, I now have the time to let you meet with some others of my cats.
Kiari, the mom of Anoa has passed away a few years back on cancer. One of my loveliest memories on her is when she gave birth to Anoa, Redbent and Daan. Not ever will I forget how she looked at me, with an extremely proud twinkling in her eye because she became a mom.
Daan, is the twin brother of Anoa. Unlike his family he is a cat who is more on his own. He likes to be pet, but only when he asks for it. However, when it comes to feedingtime, he is quite cute, he will first bump his head to the other cats and only then eat his foodies.

Kiari, Daan & Leona

Kiari is a tight knee lenght skirt in leather.
It comes in a range of six colors: Chocolate, Aubergine, Antracite, Mustard, Olive and Tangerine all in one hud.
I am showing you the Aubergine version together with Daan Diamond in Olive.
Daan Diamond is a one armed sweater, covered in diamonds.
Daan too comes in the same color ranges as Kiari.
The shirt is separately available with Daan also in the same colors.

The jewelry comes from Virtual Impressions. Leona is a set that comes in Gold, Silver and Color-Change. Leona on me is the color change one.
There are 3 times 23 gem color options and 8 metal options, which makes this suitable for any occasion.

L’Amour et lumière,
Le Mamma Monster

~ Cats & Butterflies ~
Virtual Impressions

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