~ 054 2013

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Its the sixth day of 2013, this means you all have 359 days left to write a beautifull story called 2013.
Mine has started with Countdown.

~ 054b

Countdown has released a line of gowns.
Each one delicate crafted with beautifull top-parts in layers which fit your avi no matter what.
One of the gowns is called Alyce, the base of the dress is a satin looking light golden sleek dress.
With a halter neckline, the layer of the top flows precisely into the sleek mesh skirt.

Virtual Impressions kicked off 2013 with the release of three new sets.
In the picture are the Tamara ear hangers, colorchange gemstones in the form of a flower.
Join the group and get this set, as well as the other new releases for 50% off the regular price.

Coco has joined TDR fusion and has released a special pink version of the Fur Tippet, this time with pink pearls.
You might want to hurry for this one.

~ 054b

The pictures this time are made at a sim I visited called SMILES.
SMILES is made for avatars of all sizes and kinds. This means not only “grown ups” but also kid avatars.
The owners of SMILES are trying to bring a place with everything SL citizens and their families need: Hangouts for couples, families, friends, singles, you name it.
Three different clubs. A Beach Club, a Themed Club and a School Club, which is the main one.
The main street has some stores and functions too as a general hangout, with a large fountain in which you can swim.
When you get lost, there are handy signs on the corners, which can even bring you to a large bowling alley.
How fun to get together with some friends and play bowl?

Till next time!
L’amour et Lumière,
La Mamma Monster

Virtual Impressions
TDR Fusion

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