~ 055 2013

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Big dresses, Gala, Formals, Gowns, Weddings, Cocktail, no need to say., for such a dress one stops by at Tres Beau.
Kimmera has opened her personal wardrobe for us a long time ago and she keeps filling it up with new eye candy.
The best of her designs is, in my opinion, not only THE design itself, also the permissions.
Almost all is both modifiable as copy, which makes it possible to try mix and matching endlessly.
So whether you like a ready to wear dress, or you like to be a bit more original, Tres Beau helps you along the way with her designs.

~ 055 Tres Beau's Do-Chi

A classic to be is Dotia, the base of the dress on the picture.
Dotia is layered which makes it fit all avi’s.
The flexi skirt consists of several sheer layers, almost tutu like.
Originally Dotia has a sided big bow as well as a hat. (not used in the picture)

Chi, is a black sleek Mesh dress with Aqua colored top.
The shoulders are made with several pink roses and sheer sleeves.
The prim top has some of the same roses an aqua band tied together with a black loose bow on front.
That what makes Chi stand out is definitely the Aqua color and that is exactly what is left out to use with Dotia.

Have fun editing and show off YOUR version of Dochi ;-)

L’amour et lumière,
La Mamma Monstre.

Tres Beau

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