~ 056 2013

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

A new round at Collabor88.
A great way to get some fashion rom well established designers for a snap of the regular price for 1 month long.
Specially now the decembermonth is over, many of you will want to keep a tighter budget.
Being aware around 600Linden is still alot for some while for others its nothing really, I have managed to style a basic outfit together.

2013-01-08 Collabor88

Fashionably Dead comes with a few choises, here a mesh, hand drawn skinny jeans, I picked a dark grey version for 188L.
Ison, this cycle, designed a cute sleeveless draped top. In 8 colors available for 88L each.
Clawtooth combed 2 designs in wigs, ready for you to wear. For 188, Dance Magic is yours in your prefered colorrange.
The hairband with flower comes from The Sea Hole. Many colors available for 28L a piece.
Maxi Gossamer’s jewelry is always a sight. Silver bracelets with alot of options, wear them all loose, or choose like I did for a set so it counts as 1 attachment. 88L only.
The boots, worth mentioning are from [elikatira], NOT available at Collabor88.

For now
L’amour et Lumière
La Mamma Monstre.


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