~ 165 The memory of meeting my Sis.

Dearly Deers !

You know what it’s like right?
Having a sis, or brother, in Second Life.
You talk with each other, send teleports to one another and meet at the strangest and most familiar places.
The first, very first time I met Rose1982superstar Hansome was at Eleni’s, a beach themed club.
It was never really super crowded there when I found out about it but I applied there to be a host.
I got to know the regular visitors and one day there was a girl on a wicker couch complimenting me with my wings and cat.

[2009/06/23 15:45] Rose1982superstar Hansome: hi
[2009/06/23 15:45] Rose1982superstar Hansome: I love y wings and the cat
[2009/06/23 15:45] Emlies Xeltentat: Thank you
[2009/06/23 15:45] Rose1982superstar Hansome: awww
[2009/06/23 15:45] Emlies Xeltentat: That is Joris
[2009/06/23 15:45] Emlies Xeltentat: he is my cat
[2009/06/23 15:45] Rose1982superstar Hansome: where did y get Joris…..I love to have one tooo
[2009/06/23 15:46] Rose1982superstar Hansome: I have one rl
[2009/06/23 15:46] Rose1982superstar Hansome: lol
[2009/06/23 15:46] Emlies Xeltentat: hihi i have 5 RL cats
[2009/06/23 15:46] Rose1982superstar Hansome: can y send me y wings and cat???thanksflllll
[2009/06/23 15:47] Rose1982superstar Hansome: awww y dooo that is nice..I only got 1
[2009/06/23 15:48] Rose1982superstar Hansome: if y want
[2009/06/23 15:48] Rose1982superstar Hansome: lol
[2009/06/23 15:48] Rose1982superstar Hansome is Online
[2009/06/23 15:48] Rose1982superstar Hansome: thanks..sweet
[2009/06/23 15:48] Emlies Xeltentat: But i don;t have the LM anymore for the wings
[2009/06/23 15:49] Emlies Xeltentat: the cat is from Zooby
[2009/06/23 15:49] Rose1982superstar Hansome: zoooby ok thanks hon
[2009/06/23 15:49] Inventaris item aangeboden
[2009/06/23 15:50] Rose1982superstar Hansome: aw thanks
[2009/06/23 15:50] Rose1982superstar Hansome: I love that
[2009/06/23 15:50] Emlies Xeltentat: yeah that i did have
[2009/06/23 15:50] Rose1982superstar Hansome: y look goood hon
[2009/06/23 15:51] Rose1982superstar Hansome: wow…hahhaha
[2009/06/23 15:51] Emlies Xeltentat: Thank you
[2009/06/23 15:51] Rose1982superstar Hansome: yw
[2009/06/23 15:51] Emlies Xeltentat: one should make an effort…i suppose
[2009/06/23 15:51] Emlies Xeltentat: hehe
[2009/06/23 15:51] Rose1982superstar Hansome: soo sweet looking hon
[2009/06/23 15:51] Rose1982superstar Hansome: lol
[2009/06/23 15:52] Emlies Xeltentat: so you just wasting your time on a couch?
[2009/06/23 15:52] Emlies Xeltentat: hehe
[2009/06/23 15:52] Rose1982superstar Hansome: yeah hahaha……..
[2009/06/23 15:52] Rose1982superstar Hansome: just waiting for my baby
[2009/06/23 15:52] Rose1982superstar Hansome: it takes time..=0(
[2009/06/23 15:53] Rose1982superstar Hansome: lol
[2009/06/23 15:53] Emlies Xeltentat: Gosh yes oi know
[2009/06/23 15:53] Rose1982superstar Hansome: and y plane is for tonight
[2009/06/23 15:53] Rose1982superstar Hansome: hahah
[2009/06/23 15:53] Emlies Xeltentat: time time and time
[2009/06/23 15:53] Emlies Xeltentat: my lovely love is away fr holidays
[2009/06/23 15:54] Rose1982superstar Hansome: ti c tac
[2009/06/23 15:54] Rose1982superstar Hansome: lol
[2009/06/23 15:54] Emlies Xeltentat: jah
[2009/06/23 15:54] Rose1982superstar Hansome: aww sorry honey
[2009/06/23 15:54] Emlies Xeltentat: doesn;t matter..i haveJoris with me….lol
[2009/06/23 15:54] Emlies Xeltentat: so that is something
[2009/06/23 15:55] Rose1982superstar Hansome: yeah..aww I love cats!!!!!and animals
[2009/06/23 15:55] Rose1982superstar Hansome: cool
[2009/06/23 15:55] Rose1982superstar Hansome: y two look good honey
[2009/06/23 15:56] Emlies Xeltentat: Well enjoy the eve..
[2009/06/23 15:56] Emlies Xeltentat: and i go to the bar… lol
[2009/06/23 15:56] Rose1982superstar Hansome: y too honey…I hope he will show up soon…
[2009/06/23 15:56] Rose1982superstar Hansome: aww cool
[2009/06/23 15:57] Rose1982superstar Hansome: take care

This is our very very first conversation ever.
I am so happy to still have that, it means so much to me.

The oldest picture I have of us dates from August the second, we went shopping together at Bare Rose.

Rose and Em~Lies 02 08 2009

Arent we looking cute together? All noob like. Anyway how this brings me to the blog post, for of course I blog fashion…
Yesterday, the 23rd of April in 2014 a thing happened which I never experienced before with my sister.
As I was sitting on a couch at The Open Closet, preparing a picture for this blog, I clicked the SAVE button for the picture and went to CS5, where I crop or edit pictures.
It may have been half an hour of being away from my SL screen and who was sitting on the other couch as I turned my eyes back…

Sis and me

Right my sister !!
In all those months and years we have known each other we have never met by coincidence at the same place.
Ofcourse we teleport each other and of course we meet in places, but that is not really a coincidence, as we both come at the same clubs also when we do not set that as an appointment upfront.
I am not able to say: “Oh wow, what a strange happening meeting you at Muddy’s sis!!!” That is so normal. But out of all places I shop to meet her there, a place i just recently found out about for myself.
We do not even own the same style in fashion so I did not expect to meet my very own sis.
To the both of us this brought us back to that day where we met back in 2009. She made the above picture. Thanks Sissyboo<3

~ 165b

So, The Open Closet, I just recently got to know this event, which is biweekly, where designers come together to bring you high quality designs at rock bottom prices.
The dress, by Outrage Outfitters, is only 50 L$!! There is more to be found, like Formanails, who offer really amazing handjewelry for your SLinks as well as nail appliers. The brand WTB which has cute summer dresses up for discounted prices. This is just a hand out of the designers and a next blog will have a few more items to show you from this event.
The next brand I want to name is Olive which was also new to me. Olive has a big sale going on in the mainstore, and the clutch you see me wearing is JUST 30L$ for the fatpack, which is seriously cheap for even one bag, letalone a fatpack.

On with those hooves Deers!!

L’Amour et Lumière,

~ 165

Skin – Glam Affair – Aria Jamaica 04H (L$188 @ Collabor88)
Eyes – Ikon – Kaleido Sand (L$150 @ Mainstore)
Hair – Clawtooth – Hang it Up (L$188 @ Collabor88)
Slink – Mesh Hands Elegant
Slink – Mesh Medium Feet
Nails – Formanails – Nailart 8 Slink Applier (L$249 @ Mainstore)
Make up – Mons – Eyeliner Smokey – Ash

Dress – Outrage Outfitters – The Janeene Dress (L$50 @ The Open Closet Event)
Clutch – Olive – The Vixenie Foxy Clutch – (L$30 @ Mainstore)
Shoes – M-Nus – Simple Heels for Slink (L$50 @ The Open Closet Event)
Jewelry – Want To Be – Gocce Rosse Parure

The Muse Poses – April 9

AM Radio’s Nostalgia

Special thanks go out to my following sponsors:
Ivi Bing for the Slink Nail Appliers
Samdarko for the Shoes
Real Rage for the Dress
Zeta Undermeyer for the jewelry
Audrey Cresci for the poses

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