~ 166

Dearly Deers,

The other day I met a person who had in his profile words about that the end of second life is nearby.
Linden lab would close it down and there would no longer be a platform left.
Obviously I have no idea if this is the truth or a thought or whichever, but it made me think.
What would I do with all my time I now spend in my pixel world I am feeling so comfortable at?
Why do I feel so comfortable that I spend a lot of my time there?
What makes Second Life have that X Factor?

~ 166

I spend most of my time in Second Life because of the simple reason that I have time on my hands.
I always have had a weakness for being in chatrooms and to have a chatroom where you can be also active with other things than just making conversation, it is easy to log on and do something else when its quiet.
One goes designing, another goes and listen to music, other script, others just stand and forget about being logged in.
I belong to the category of either chatting, shopping, styling, working, dancing or indeed, parking my avatar and be distracted by the tv.
At times, specially when I was very active as producer of fashion shows for AVENUE, I would easily stay up till 3 or 4 am just to make sure all was done.
Creating a choreography with Livia, well she did that usually, but when I cue, I have to know all steps and stops too.
When working on the first mesh show that was big in SL, I remember having late late nights, skipping dinner at decent times, all because of having to work in a pixel world with pixel people and pixel commitments.
Some of the people in my first life told me flat out I was not normal for doing that. I had to live in the real life, come out of my pixel world.
Even though I can imagine why someone would say that, I can’t help but wonder why it is ok for people to go fishing, for people to read books, for people to watch soap, for people to play cards every wednesday eve, for people to go to the bar weekly…..Why should my hobby not allow me to be in a pixel world?
Even though the message is a tad too “loud” coming from my mouth, I am somewhat feeling a tad devilish and show them my pose with built in prop by Something New.

~ 166

It says it all to those who refuse to see things through my eyes.
Unlike the stereotype profile lines you come across in SL, saying “Don’t take it too serious” I do take my Second Life serious.
I spend much of my time there, I feel committed to the things I do there, I feel bad when I crash in the middle of a conversation and can’t tell the person I was with that I only crashed.
I like standing parked in my sim playing around with Kittycats, I love it when I am able to dance there and i feel i should have no shame in that.
If Linden Lab might decide that it has been enough with Second Life and they close their doors, I can safely say I would miss being there.
That what Second Life has simply IS the X factor itself and the best in that X is that you can actually press it to log off.

L’amour et Lumière to all
Emlies Xeltentat

~ 166

Skin – Glam Affair – Aria Jamaica 06H
Eyes – Ikon – Kaleido Sand
Hair – Truth – Elyse (L$250 @ Mainstore)
Slink – Mesh Hands Elegant
Slink – Mesh Medium Feet
Nails – Formanails – Nailart 2 Slink Applier option 1 (L$249 @ Mainstore)
Make up – Mons – Eyeshadow DarkHorse – Candy

Jacket – Coquet – Denim Jacket – Fondue
Top – VaLynch – Kat Top – Purple
Pants – Ba! – Harem Outfit (L$99 @ Marketplace)
Necklace – WTB – Rosy Stones
Handpiece – Formanails – Skeletonia for Slink Elegant Hand (L$ 50 @ The Open Closet)
Feetpiece – ZoZ – Winged Noir Silver Foot Bow for Slink HIGH feet (@ Spring Break Fair)
Handpiece – Something New – Talk To The Hand (Part of the pose)
Prop 1 – StoraxTree – Feline Treasures – Sleep – Siamese (@ The Open Closet)
Prop 2 – StoraxTree – Vintage Plant Stand Plant Le (@ The Open Closet

Full – Something New – Talk To The Hand
Close up Skeletonia – Juxtapose – Sweet Emotion 4

TorieSenne WL Setting

Special thanks go out to my following sponsors:
Ivi Bing for the Slink Nail Appliers and Handpiece
Trinity Santos for the Top
Zeta Undermeyer for the Necklace
Zozicon for the Feet Pieces
Kate McLaglan for the props
AllysonDwyer for the poses/handprop

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