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Dearly Deers,

First of all let me start by saying that Eternal Dream Poses have been pretty busy the past few weeks.
Not only did they bring several new releases for the Pose Fair, also a few full sets of single poses, couples poses and poses with props have been made for the Fantasy Fair. Inspiration was found in mer, bows and spells.
Most single poses include a few props that will really set the mood.
For a better peak, please visit the fair’s and try them yourself and stay tuned at my blog as you will see more poses coming up from both fairs.

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The chairs you see are all the same and part of the Vintage Polly set from Irrie’s Dollhouse.
Not shown is the table which is actually part of that set. The texture of the chairs, or the cushion part, is adjustable with a simple click on the easy to use hud. The patterns go from plain to that real vintage flower pattern, all in several colors. Mind you, visit the main-store for this price, at satellite stores you pay a tad more.

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NoName has launched a few new designs of which Cindy is one.
Beware, Cindy is a one piece set, you can’t wear the pieces separate, however, with the hud you can colorchange each piece including the metals. One of the more classics, black and white is shown here but there is a combination of up to six different colors.

The nails, which were actually part of an eastern hunt, are now available at the main-store of Dark Passions.
Dark Passions have somewhat gothic like designs for their nails, but as you can see, some vintage pin up, is not rare to them either. Very pretty indeed.

L’amour et lumière,
Emlies !

~ 201cu
Make Up: Mons – Black Eyeliner Series 08
Hair: Soonsiki – Shelly Reds 270L$ @ MAinstore
Nails: Dark Passions – Victorian Hare 99L$ @ Mainstore

Outfit: NoName – Cindy 315L$ @ Mainstore
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Zest Pumps Black
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Black Storm

Chairs: Irrie’s Dollhouse – Vintage Dining Set Polly 225L$ @ Mainstore

Full with props: Eternal Dream – Spells 05 @ Fantasy Fair 2015
Close Up: Eternal Dream – Fata 02 @ Fantasy Fair 2015
Full: Eternal Dream – Cecilia 05 @ Mainstore

StrawberrySingh Close Ups

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