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Dearly Deers,

The past few weeks weren’t my best for sure.
With the whole first life problems getting the best of me, or rather said, the worst..
I have found it difficult to find dedication and motivation to my commitments in SL.
Still it is difficult to accept things as they are even though I have no control whatsoever to change the facts. That is why they are called facts in the first place.
Non the less, since I have been having a good mood since Wednesday and still feeling on a roll like so, I thought it was only fair to blog a post.

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Pink Cherry, has made a few new releases.
One of them is a bikini top with hipsters, perfect for a day on the beach, or hanging in your backyard enjoying the rays of sun. With summer coming up you do not want to miss this set in your wardrobe.
Next to that, for Designer Circle they released starry nail-polish, a close up is in the last picture.

Kaerri has had quite a few new releases the past weeks.
One of them is this wooden teardrop chair. the look of the wood is so realistic, you can almost smell it.
The set contains the vases as well as the pile of books. Really an asset to any garden or beach.
Mind you though, it only contains singles poses. More of Kaerri coming up in future posts!

If you have not been visiting Fameshed lately, you may want to think about doing so.
It has been existing for three years and therefor there are quite a few group-gifts spread around.
Like this hair in a loose braid, a gift by Wasabi Pills.

Hoping to be back to my old self again in time.
L’Amour et lumière,

2015-05-05 B

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Irene in Sorbet Gift @ FameShed
Nails: Pink Cherry – Stars Nail Polish 80L$ @ Designer Circle 106th

Outfit: Pink Cherry – Hipster Bikini – Lina in Pink 179L$ @ Mainstore
Shoes: Precious Designs – Rather Be
Glasses: Glow Designs – Aviator Glasses Spring

Chair: Kaerri – Hanging Teardrop Chair
Prop: Kaerri – Book Pile With Drink
Prop: Kaerri – Vase Trio in purples

Close ups – Eternal Dream – Pearl 03 and 04

2015-05-05 C

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