~ 380

Dearly Deers,

Sometimes when you feel awful you have to pick up and enjoy the “little things”.
So I tried to give it a shot.
Working from 0800 till 1300 allowed me to get into the sun on my way back home.
I wanted to get an old fashioned Paper Agenda to write my appointments in with an old fashioned pen.
Its all in my phone, but its so annoying to type all in while with a pen I can just jot it down and be done.
Hurray for schoolyears as try find a 2016 agenda in Summer.. here… not so easy.
Finding the “Roma”scent by Laura Biagotti turned out to be a no go. Sold out in three stores.
Since when is that such a popular scent??? Didn’t matter, the sun was shining and all was not that bad.
Anyhow, the highlight of my day was something really small. In fact some may say its pathetic. (Even myself may say so….)
It gave me however a sense of pride and I could not fake my smile.
An egg hatched and turned out to be Pikachu.
For all who are now wondering,.. WTH??? Do not even bother to find out what this means, for you players out there, catch them all !!!!
The main thing is, my smile today was real and meant.
Learning that little things indeed can be quite enjoyable is a lesson I should remind myself of in dark times

L’amour et lumière,

~ 398

Face: Genesis Lab – Antonia
Eyeshadow:: Genesis Lab – Modern Geisha
Lipstick: Genesis Lab – Charmed
Tattoo Upper Body: Endless Pain – Alice
Tattoo Leg: Endless Pain – Lil Miss Strange
Hair: Little Bones – Daisy @ Uber

Dress: KiB Design – Kamila @ The Designer Showcase
Shoes: Ingenue – Oksana

Picture taken at Just Magnetized Main Store Sim

Event Landmarks:
Uber, July 25th till August 23rd
The Designer Showcase, August 5th till 31st

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