~ 432

~ 450

Perfect Eyebrows Set 5 by Just magnetized
Beauty Marks Set 6 by Just Magnetized @ Applique Round 08
Blair Eye Shadow by WarPaint @ Applique Round 08
Montague Collar Tattoo by CS Tattoo @ Pretty Things Showroom
Radiant Sweet Polish by ZoZ>@ Mesh Body Addicts
Mishi Hair by
Little Bones
Jolie Lingerie by The Annex
Flying Lace Curtains by Knick Knacks @ Ultra Event
Shiny Shabby Gift 1 Pose by!Bang *No Longer Available

Event Landmarks:
Pretty Things Showroom, November 11th till December 6th
Mesh Body Addicts, November 10th till 30th
Ultra Event, November 15th till??

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