~ 433

~ 451

True Faith Hair by Lamb
Facade Corset by Gossip @ Applique Round 8
Milah Dress by SilverMoon @ Applique Round 08
Tulle Skirt by Gee @ Pretty Things Showroom
Sparkle Platforms by The Vintage Touch @ Genre
Glam Ladder inc 8 Poses by Ds’Elles
Old Town Clock by Q-Essentials @ The Old Fair
Bear Bookshelf by Cherry House @ The Chapter Four
Spider Plant Orb by Kaerri
Flying Lace Curtains by Knick Knacks @ Ultra Event

Event Landmarks:
Applique, November 11th till 21st
Pretty Things Showroom, November 11th till December 6th
Genre, November 15th till December 12th
The Old Fair, November 4th till 25th
The Chapter Four, November 4th till 20th
Ultra Event, November 15th till December 15th

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