~ 856

Dearly Deers,

Today all eyes on [LIZ].
The first encounter I had with this brand was the Porcelain Printed Blazer.
For me this dates from exactly 6 years ago, as according to properties this is the date I acquired the item.
I did use it in a blog post too. Right here
Looking back at that, my personal style has not changed much, my way of showcasing items has.

I remember I liked the texture very much and the brand all in all, I always liked.
Liziaah Lavecchia is the creator of the brand.
Around 2017 I started working for The Avenue and it turned out Liziaah was one of the regular participating designers in their rounds.
I got to learn about her creations. She’s always been an original designer.
The designs are always different from standard, yet very wearable. The texturing though, that’s a whole different story.
The texturing of the items has always stood out, not just another simple recolor but actual depth and creativity in the designs.
Glitter, Lace, knitting, sequins, silk, you name it, she makes it look real.

So in June I decided to send her a note, asking if she may need bloggers.
Her friend, and when I am not mistaken, her mesher, Luna Nocturnal from Nocturnal Couture, got back to me, stating they were in the making of a bloggers group and if I’d be patient, I would be invited to blog for both [LIZ] and Nocturnal Couture after filling in their app. Just a few days later I indeed got their sponsorship and I am happy to still be representing both their works.

The latest design is Naidine, made for Maitreyea, Legacy and Freya.
It’s available in Creme, Black, Purpleblue, Green and Bordeaux exclusively at Unik Event.

L’amour et lumière,

~ 856

Spike Collar by BEO
Naidine Outfit by Liziaah @ Unik


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