~ 855

Dearly Deers,

A little something, when you follow people on Flickr, you get to see their work in your stream.
When you follow many many people, often you miss out on what is in your stream, so at times you “stumble” upon someone who you been following,
but forgot about as you simply don’t get to see their work in your stream.

I had this with Brooke Portilo.
She is a familiar name to me but I do not know her whatsoever.
I enjoy looking at her images as she makes poses look natural.
I am not sure if its because of the set up she uses or the windlights but I do like how the images come out.
Time after time. So when I stumbled upon an image of hers, I clicked to see her other work.
This way I came across some poses she used and found it about Posa Di Gata.

As a blogger, you can always use poses really and even though I have a few sponsors who all make excellent poses,
I found that the poses by Posa Di Gata were “different”, mostly sensual.
Therefor I went to the store and tried the poses, got several I liked and voila, a new dimension can be reached in my own work.
With this one, I found it difficult to get the legs ok.
One thing about posemakers in general, as aware I am how there is thousands different shapes in the grid used by thousands of people,
to make them fit for everyone is impossible. I do have a sponsor who adds a NC with every pose, with the most important body sliding numbers.
Specially with couple poses, this makes it a little less of a struggle to make a pose “fit”.
Anyhow, with this pose I struggled a bit with the legs, so I just cut the image off there, however, I think it turned out not too shabby.

So my humble advice, check out Posa di Gata.
The poses are a great addition to showcase your sensual side and, not unimportant, the price tag is friendly for your wallet.

L’amour et Lumière,

~ 855

Akane Hair by Argrace
Amari Hairbase by Avada
Aileas Eye Shadow by Zibska @ Anybody
The Holiday Collection Lipstick “Bow” by Ivskin available at The Galleria
Malt Tattoo by Zibska @ Anybody
Alvise Hand Tattoo by Zibska @ Anybody

Arice Earrings by Dreamlight
Back To School Bebe Skirt by Vanilla Bae
Pose by Posa Di Gata

Landmark to the events:
The Galleria

Brooke Portilo’s Flickr Stream
Posa Di Gata Mainstore

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