~ 867

Dearly Deers,

There is a 19 Questions tag which I never heard of, as I do not follow many blogs myself.
However, Cherri SL Fashion’s blog had a post on it and she has made up several questions that could be in it.
As I stumbled upon it, I thought it would be fun to answer to the questions.
You can read Cherri’s blogpost about it right underneath this link
Hit the follow button of her blog while you are it, its an informative, fun easy to read blog :)

So here goes !

What does your vlog/blog name and meaning behind it?
~ The name of my blog is Emlies’s Inventory.
I think its self explaining

When did you start your SL blog/vlog?
~ I started my blog in 2010, at Blogger. I used to make stylecards of my outfits and wanted to keep them so I could easily find things back.
Blog’s were not as popular as they are now, in 2011 I migrated to WordPress and this was the beginning of Emlies.com

How would you describe your vlog/blog (decor, fashion destinations, RP…)
~ Emlies.com is a Second Life Fashion blog.

When did you start SL and what brought you to SL?
~ My birthday in Second Life is November the 1st of 2008.
I have no memory of what brought me to Second Life I think I was in search of a chat site.

What inspired you to become a vlogger/blogger?
~ I still do not see myself as a real blogger as I hardly ever write and really just add a stylecard and an image.
But when I used to post them and a designer (Luana Barzane from Amarelo Manga) asked me to use her designs for images.
I suppose that is the moment where it became a “blog”

How Often do you post?
~ This changes quite a tad depending on my first life schedule and mood.
Sometimes zero times a week, and ideally 3 to 4 times a week.

What’s you favorite thing to blog and why?
~ My favorite thing to blog is couples poses, because they are out of my comfort zone and I do not get to do them often.
There is much to learn in them for me.

Do you watch/read other vlogs/blogs & how often?
~ Honestly I do not do so often, no, but I do look at the Flickr images that appear in my stream.
If something is shown which I would like to know more of, I do go to the creators page to find the information.

What strength do you have that has helped you as a vlogger/blogger?
~ I think that despite I still have this “bucketlist” of wanted sponsors, I am happy with the ones I do have.
Yet, I do have the ability to politely resign from sponsors if I think other bloggers would do a far better job,
whether that is in commitment or representing the designs.

How do you motivate yourself to stay active & fresh with your vlog/blog?
~ Staying motivated at times is rather hard as surely we all have our down days.
I stay motivated by allowing myself to be not always be motivated.
My blog stays fresh by at times applying with brands that I never represented and let other sponsors go.

What’s the last thing you bought in SL?
~ The last thing I bought was the fuchsia Marianne Dress by Valentina E

Which sim is your favorite for taking blog/blog photos and why?
~ I hardly ever take images outside of my home, so I suppose my fav place to take them is home.

Do you have an alt?
~ Yes I have a male alt, for the couple images I shoot
I used to have a female alt too to keep business separated

Would you say your avi is an introvert or extravert?
~ I’d like to say I keep t myself, but I really miss conversation so I do talk quite a tad to people.
I do not mind beginning a conversation and I do so often.
Yet, in a way I do keep to myself too. So I am not sure really..

How do you feel about SL relationships (romantic & friends)?
~ I believe relationships are inevitable, it is healthy to want someone to turn back to when things go down.
It is very difficult to put trust in others and to put yourself out there to be vulnerable.
OFten I hear about me how I take sl too serious and how I should be more this or more that and how I should not want something serious in SL.
So in my case, I ask alot and my “demands” are high and I will keep having hope there is people with the same values, hopes and dreams as I do.
I still rather have that shattered then to settle for anything less.

What is your guilty pleasure on SL?
~ No idea really.

Where is your avi right now? (mainland home, sandbox, event, stuck in a TP (lol)….)
~ Emlies is at Muddy’s, her home away from home.

What are your favorite things to do on SL?
~ Communicate on a level which feels comfortable and laid back.

What is your favorite SL fashion & decor style?
~ My favorite fashion style would be lace I think.
Decor style is.. Gardenstuff, flowers, tree’s

Have you ever collaborated with another vlogger/blogger? Pros & cons?
~ A very long while ago, I did a collaboration with Vixie Rayna.
I liked the fact it makes people come together, getting to know them outside your work environment.
What I do not like about it is that you have no grip on the situation as its a collaboration,
you can only control your own settings. Obviously, demands are out of the window.

What new changes/developments in SL do like/dislike?
~ This has to be BOM. For both ways.
I like its out there as it gives us so so so much more back.
What I dislike about it at the same time… I deleted all my prémesh items and so I have little layers I would want to use.

What is your pet peeve in SL?
~ People that lack the interest to invest in themselves.

What valuable advice would you give to a new vlogger/blogger?
~ Know that you are your own brand, represent yourself the way you want to be seen by others.
Also, communicate with the manager or designer when issues arise.

What is your favorite SL memory?
~ The work I did for THE AVENUE, I learned a lot from back then.
I learned how to stay professional, to be driven, to grow and I also learned, how fake people can be.

What’s the craziest/wackiest/ strangest thing you’ve ever experienced on SL? Best?
~ Working for over a year for a person who trusted me with the complete set up of his event.
After a vacation he came back and told me that someone told him about things I supposedly said.
He did not want to tell me who told him this, nor what was told.
I found this so strange to get a complaint on things I can only guess about.
And often, this is how things end always, lack of open communication. I hate it in every form.
The lack of willingness to make efforts and solve issues, or at least make them understandable.

What 5 things make you the happiest on SL?
~ The ability to make my home look nice.
~ The ability to use others creativity in my images.
~ To be with the one you love.
~ To be appreciated by your friends.
~ The ability to press “log out”.

Is there anything you have learnt in SL that has helped you in RL?
~ I am able to organize a bigger event.

What is the one thing you want everyone to know about your avi & vlog/blog?
~ That it takes time and effort to make an image and to showcase the items.
That the things that you note down are often personal and even though that is a choice to share it so publicly,
it is not about the ones who read it. It’s my blog, and I am free to showcase what I want and how I want that.
It’s not to hurt, to me it’s to vent, like a diary with a chance of feedback.

L’amour et lumère,

~ 867

Victoria Hair ~ Magika
Clementine Eye Shadow ~ Zibska
Clementine Lipstick ~ Zibska
Shani Ballerina Nails ~ Avada
Clementine Earrings ~ Zibska
Clementine Orbit ~ Zibska
Amara Bodysuit ~ Vision
Amara Necklace ~ Vision
Amara Skirt ~ Vision
Vintage LEather Pochette ~ Lavanda Chic
Catherine Pose ~ Serendipity Poses

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