~ 873

Dearly Deers,

The drama is not over yet.
Of course it’s not, whoever thought drama was easy to get over with is lying to himself, or herself.

It started with sending me money while I blocked him.
I am happy to get rich that way but sadly, it were just 1 lindens, so not such thing, too bad.
It’s annoying but there is nothing I can do about it.

That stopped, then it became messenger…
Monday Night:
“are you kidding me”
“unblock me”

“You are sick and you need professional help”

“i didnt want this to happen”
“no i am not”
“i am perfectly fine”
“i am waiting in sl for you”
“are you keeping me blocked”
“or are we going to setttle this once and for all”
“its the first ever block i have”
“take care and i hope you recover soon with your back”
“i was working on this” (Link to some Gyazoo)
“i hope you have a good night”

Tuesday Evening:
“how is your back”

“you win i will give up”
“its no point for me to continu”
“i apologize for eveything . and i know i should have given you the attention”
“and took your phone nr out of my phone”
“and thank you for the 2 weeks”

So I actually thought wow, great, I won !!!
I was not aware I was in some contest and I hope I won having silence from him…. but sadly… no such thing…

Thursday in SL
[2020/01/21 12:32]: hi
[2020/01/21 12:35]: how is your back
[2020/01/21 13:48]: how is your evening
[2020/01/23 11:40]: great pictures you posted

And now with the addition of putting a comment on the Flickr Image I posted, and even an invite to place it in his group of images.

This whole fiasco started the 9th when we just met and started talking.
Basic chit chat and after the break up with Mart, I could use an ear to talk to.
I enjoyed the time we spent together, but within 8 days this flipped upside down due to one evening.
This person totally did not want to hear my questions or concerns after that first argument.
Called me names, questioned my choices.
If he is so bothered with things, then why on earth keep im-ing me when I clearly stated
Please do not contact me anymore. I have nothing more to say to you.

So again, stop im-ing me, stop standing next to me in Muddy’s like some body guard, stop asking me your attention.
This is the last time I gave you attention, right here it stops.


~ 873

Dancing on my own Hair by Exile
Miranda Necklace by BEO
Pearls Wrap Dress by Insomnia Store
Oksana Heels by Ingenue
More Shoes Pose by HelaMiyo

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