~ 908

Dearly Deers,

Today a phone call consult with the Orthopedist.
Had not expect my appointment to come through with these times in crisis and I felt a bit like,
but what can they possibly do through phone??

However, I was told my pelvis sticks too much to the front, which causes for my lower vertebrae to be pressed too much together which causes the pain.
That the exercises I have gotten from my physiotherapist are not bad as is,
but they will not help the issue directly as I need to train the issue itself with a different sort of therapy.
Added to that, I will get a corset to help me keep myself into position and to press my pelvis slowly back.
A too hollow back.

It was a lot of information through a phone call and I have trouble remembering the things that were said but this is what I got out of it.
So an appointment is being scheduled. In these times of Covid I wonder how soon or how long that will be.
But well, after a good 15 weeks of which I had been taking a good 3 months Tramadol
which did not seem to do much other than make it easier to move myself around,
after physio appointments, Doctors appointments, xrays of my back,
after 15 weeks of sometimes agonizing pain and sometimes not even being able to walk
I feel hopeful to know that there is another option of trying to get myself back on my feet, literally.

The orthopedist phone call consult, was totally new to me and I hope he is right so there is indeed hope.
The “downside” is though it takes at least another half year for it to get remotely better.
There is of course no guarantees just well made guesses.
The idea of having this type of pain for another 6 months, 26 weeks does not make me feel yayyy.

Another thing I feel a tad off about is that it took 15 weeks to get this far and I am nowhere yet really.
4 months is quite a long time to feel pain almost non stop.
When that X-ray was taken, my dr told me the damages on my vertebrae were “normal”.
The orthopedist told me they are considered normal for someone twice my age, at my age this is not considered “normal”.

As I am not a dr, not a specialist, just a person with no knowledge of things such as that,
when I heard this was “normal” I stopped to worry over the fact it’s damaged as I figured if it’s normal,
anyone could have this and this won’t have to do anything with the issue for its “normal” while my issue is not normal.
Well see how wrong I been. I wish I was better informed.
With my experience in the psychotherapy in this area, I am starting to feel to have less and less trust in dr’s, therapists, etc.
It does not make for me to feel all will be ok now.
Well partially as again I lack any knowledge myself I just know what I feel.
So I can only go with the fact I will now get new therapy for my back while wearing a measured corset.
I am hopeful. It sounds like a plan. So I can’t wait for it all to happen.
But I can’t help me a little suspicious either.

L’amour et lumière,

~ 908

Shy Hair by Doux
Blindfold by Caboodle
Lace Gloves by Real Evil Industries
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Zahara Panties by Ricielli @ Kinky
Zahara Garter by Ricielli @ Kinky
Turadh Wraps by FriDay @ Collabor88
The Thought Of You Lay Pose by Posa di Gata

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