~ 909

Dearly Deers,

When I started to work with BOM I had a few questions.
I was BOM noob and did not understand well how it worked.
So I asked around in a group and then this Yana pinged me nearly instantly.
She was not in world at the moment but the minute she would be, she would help me out.
As I myself, was in world, I got a friend request.
She still was not going to stay online but she did come in to friend me.

This happened all only the 5th of March.
And a good month later, I can safely say we started to bond.
We talk every day, from the typical serious things to the not so serious things.
What I love is that she has a different sl lifestyle than I do, she is super outgoing.
She dares to speak her mind without making me feel bad and she accepts it when I have things to say too.
We accept each other for who we are and it feels very comfortable to have found a friend as such.

She hears me whine, I hear her whine.
She hears me smile, I hear her smile.
She hears me feel bad about myself, I get a kick…. from her.

So here it is, a collaboration we spoke of as being bloggers for the same team but now became a friends image that we can use for a blog.

Yana, one day I’ll lick chocolate ice cream off of your abs too, so start creating them !

L’amour et lumière,

Santana Hair by Doux
Diamond Bra by Insomnia Store
Diamond Harnes by Insomnia Store
Bandeau Short by Insomnia Store
Friends 14 Pose by Absolute Poses

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